About ACibi

ACibi is a mod for the game Assetto Corsa.

The mod is in development and may contain some bugs.

I'm adding new features gradually, following the community councils.

Here are some functions :

  • View front and rear drivers in game.
  • Blue-flag management.
  • Passing warnings management.
  • Creating track warnings (Copilot).
  • Registration of best times (Chrono).
  • Save and view your races paths (LineTracking).
  • Voice recognition.
  • Music player.
  • Audio commentaries (Ridge Racer).
  • ...

Set the display of the mod in game
Create a Copilot file
And add sound spots easily
Control the radio with steering wheels
Compare your best times with friends
Save and view your races paths
Configure your steering wheel or joystick
Request informations via micro
Bootstrap Slider

ACibi Live

Another function of ACibi is to send informations to devices connected to a network.

Then it's become easy to use a touch tablet or a smartphone to view, for example, the map of the current track.

The available functions on ACibi Live are :

  • Display front and rear drivers.
  • Display the map.
  • Display and control the radio.
  • Display the chrono.

Main menu of ACibi Live
View front and rear drivers
View the current track
View and control the radio
View the chrono
Bootstrap Slider

Logitech keyboards

ACibi also makes Assetto-Corsa compatible with Logitech keyboards.
New features are planned.

Special thanks
In progress...

Project on hold

Waiting for feedbacks

Progression : 0%
Next release : (undated)


What improvements would you like to see in ACibi ?

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Gaucho7777 :
Hi Bird. Sorry, I didnt run AC for a while.... V.1.3.5 is working now, but when I am using voice commands, I get an server communication error (error 503)
Bird :
Its fixed now for Assetto-Corsa 1.3.4, just restart ACibi, it will ask for the update.
Bird :
I'll take a look, and fix it, thanks Gaucho7777.
Gaucho7777 :
looks like that vers. 0.5.2. is not longer working with AC 1.3.4 ? ACibi does not connect anymore.
Bird :
Hello Kalamede, if you want me to work on something, just ask me
Kalamede :
is this project alive ?
Rex :
Unable to initialize application
Bird :
Thanks Gaucho777 !
I'm working on it.
Gaucho777 :
fantastic work. I do like the speech recognation function very much! But speech output volume is far too low. Volume of other sounds (bell) is ok.
Bird :
Thanks for kind words Horus !
I'm not so good in english, i'm trying to find translators to help me.
I'm working on a new function, hope you will like it !
Horus :
If only I had typed the IP Address in first. LOL

Wonderful work, keep it up as this looks like it could be a must have. Fantastic stuff. :) :) :)
Horus :
Got to love auto type, change all ands to 'an', more like engrish than English. :)
Horus :
Hi great work, but being and English speak it would be very helpful to have a read me/how to on how to get this working on and Android tablet. Thanks for any help.
sternos :
Bird :
We are working on it, a new release will come out soon !