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Version 0.1

Cette version contient uniquement les fichiers Assetto Corsa.
Vous devez donc les installer vous-même.

Cette version d'ACibi permet uniquement de :

  • Afficher en jeu les pilotes de devant et de derrière.
  • Gestion du blue-flag.
  • Gestion avertissements de dépassement.

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Gaucho7777 :
Hi Bird. Sorry, I didnt run AC for a while.... V.1.3.5 is working now, but when I am using voice commands, I get an server communication error (error 503)
Bird :
Its fixed now for Assetto-Corsa 1.3.4, just restart ACibi, it will ask for the update.
Bird :
I'll take a look, and fix it, thanks Gaucho7777.
Gaucho7777 :
looks like that vers. 0.5.2. is not longer working with AC 1.3.4 ? ACibi does not connect anymore.
Bird :
Hello Kalamede, if you want me to work on something, just ask me
Kalamede :
is this project alive ?
Rex :
Unable to initialize application
Bird :
Thanks Gaucho777 !
I'm working on it.
Gaucho777 :
fantastic work. I do like the speech recognation function very much! But speech output volume is far too low. Volume of other sounds (bell) is ok.
Bird :
Thanks for kind words Horus !
I'm not so good in english, i'm trying to find translators to help me.
I'm working on a new function, hope you will like it !
Horus :
If only I had typed the IP Address in first. LOL

Wonderful work, keep it up as this looks like it could be a must have. Fantastic stuff. :) :) :)
Horus :
Got to love auto type, change all ands to 'an', more like engrish than English. :)
Horus :
Hi great work, but being and English speak it would be very helpful to have a read me/how to on how to get this working on and Android tablet. Thanks for any help.
sternos :
Bird :
We are working on it, a new release will come out soon !